With the Databases Manager built–into the Web Hosting Control Panel, it is possible to create brand new MySQL and PgSQL databases straight away! Also, you’ve got immediate access to the administrative area software tools (phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin, respectively), which means you can easily update the database you want.

A Simple to operate User interface

Handle your databases with a click of the mouse

Overseeing your databases now is easier than before, thanks to the Web Hosting Control Panel interface for MySQL and PgSQL control! Even if you do not have thorough knowledge of working with databases, you will find it simple to use our Databases Manager.

You could make a whole new database by simply specifying the user name and password or make a database back–up with just a mouse click. Also, via the Data Manager you will have direct access to the administrator area for every database, so that you can immediately revise it.

Hepsia File Manager

Simple and quick Database Back–up

Database backup copies can be a click away

Within the Databases Manager you can easily produce an archived backup of your database when you desire! That way, you’ll always have a backup of your dynamic content in case your site gets compromised or if you erroneously get rid of a database. To create a backup: click on the ’clock’ icon on the side of a certain database and afterwards just wait for a couple of seconds for the process to be completed.

There aren’t any restricts for the volume of databases you would be able to back up or the quantity of back–ups you can make for any database.

Hepsia File Manager

PgSQL Databases Support

By far the most risk–free open source databases

You will find PgSQL support in all our cloud plans plans. PgSQL databases are not as sought after and commonly used as MySQL, but they provide the highest level of safety for your web site content and articles. For this reason, many famous businesses like Skype and Yahoo apply PgSQL databases. Managing PgSQL databases is as easy as MySQL, due to the incredibly user–friendly interface of the Databases Manager.

PgSQL databases are incorporated automatically with the most advanced web hosting packages. For the normal bundles, they are suggested as upgrades.

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InnoDB Databases

The fresh face of MySQL

With MYVYM Web Hosting, you’ll invariably discover the most current release of MySQL and also the default MySQL storage engine – InnoDB, installed.

InnoDB is much more stable compared to the old storage engine’s edition – MyISAM. It is ACID–compliant and, best of all – it provides complete transaction support. What’s more, it makes use of row–level locking, rather than MyISAM’s table–level locking, that would always lead to efficiency issues at high usage occasions.

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Detailed Database Stats

Thorough stats for all your databases

Through the all–encompassing database statistics tool integrated into the Web Hosting Control Panel, you’re going to be able to keep tabs of the stress generated by your dynamic websites 24 hour a day. Virtually any overload problem with your sites could reduce the loading speeds and have a negative effect on the overall experience of your site visitors. Which means that, having details about the database load immediately, it’s possible to resolve overload issues at once.

The database data user interface reveals info of the number of daily, hourly and monthly lookups, in order to analyze the way the load is allocated over various time frames.

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