When you order a new website hosting account, your payment is processed, the account is made and as automated as the entire process seems, there're always smaller things which are performed personally. For a virtual or a dedicated server there are even more things to be done because these types of website hosting usually need a manual setup, software installation and configuration, testing the server platform to make sure that all things are working the way it should, etc. To fund the expenses for the time and efforts all of these duties take, a lot of companies require a one-time set-up fee to be paid by their clients on top of the charge for the cloud hosting. The charge in most cases is valid for every new hosting account being ordered and it's hardly ever listed on the company’s web site, however it shows up on your checkout page.

Setup Fee in Cloud Hosting

When you obtain a cloud hosting plan through us, you will never need to pay any setup costs. In fact, we do not have other obscured charges of any type too. We appreciate every customer and it is our principle that when you acquire any sort of package through us, you should not have to pay anything else than the fee for your web hosting plan. You will not discover any hidden charges after or before your purchase, which will show you that we're a dependable and legitimate supplier. The price of every shared web hosting plan is the same all around on our web site - the front page, the order and payment pages. Since we also have instant account activation, you won't need to wait for hours or even days to be able to start creating your site.