The refund policy of every internet hosting company you select is really important as there's always a probability that the service might not cover all requirements for your script-driven apps to run smoothly, you may have difficulties to work with the account or you can simply decide that you do not want to use the site anymore if, for instance, you see that it is not doing very well. In any of the abovementioned cases, you'll lose your money in case your hosting provider doesn't give refunds, even partial ones. In this light, reviewing the refund policies of each company you consider to sign up with will be a warranty that this will not happen. The policies vary from one company to another and a refund may be offered for various periods of time.

30-day MBG in Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting solutions feature a 30-day MBG policy, so if you don't want to use your new account anymore for any reason, you could request a complete refund in the first month. We have an expert technical support team that will be available to you 24-7 in case you experience any problems or have any questions and a very intuitive website hosting Control Panel that will help you to control your domains, Internet sites and e-mail addresses without difficulty. Yet we acknowledge the fact that you may not want to continue using your account, so we could issue a complete refund through the first 30 days even if you have used the service intensely meanwhile. The refund will be given within minutes after we receive your request.